Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aikido Dojo Location & Notice Board

Harlo people~

Sorry for the late updates! I have been busy a while and didnt get the chance to update the blog. Okay, for the ones who interested to join the Aikido Club! We actually practise Aikido at the Seishinkan Dojo not in Swinburne unfortunately but we do provide transportation to the dojo. So, Aikido dojo is situated at Jalan Simpang Tiga on the way to The Spring Shopping Mall!

It's just above Guardian! It's not that difficult to look for it!

Next, we have our official Aikido notice board at Level 5. Yay!

It's something for a start!~

Errm... That's all for now. This saturday should be interesting as we have a sensai from Singapore coming over to teach us! I bet some already exicited for the next lesson already. Haha. YATTA!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Back 2 Basics

Third week of Aikido 2008, and the members' excitement and hunger for more techniques can be felt growing like wild grass. But many complained that after any Aikido lesson their body's muscles and joints ache.

This post emphasizes on the importance of the body warm up and the basic moves of the Aikido Martial Art.
Like any other sports or martial arts, the player is required to warm up from head to toe. This is to loosen the body muscles and joints plus preventing them from unwanted injuries like sprains or cramps.

Aikido's warm up is quite different in a sense that it targets body joints more due to most of the Aikido's techniques involve in limiting the opponent's ability to further attack you through the locking of the body joints at crafted positions.

It is very important to stretch and massage the palms and wrists of the hands.

This is to prepare the wrists to withstand twisting and locking moves of Aikido.

The feet are equally important as well to be massage and flexed.

Our ankle is most vulnerable because it carries our entire body weight and the ankles are the ones receiving all the pressure of our movements be it walking, running or dashing around like a 'monkey'...hehehe =p

ps. the cheeky looking guy in the pictures is Salim.

-The Roots of Aikido-

Sensei Rubben & Sensei Desmond stated that it is very important for a beginner to learn the basic or root movement of Aikido and get use to it for it plays a vital role in the smooth transition in the learning of any Aikido techniques.

-The Samurai Walk-

The two pictures (just above) show Sensei Rubben demonstrating the Samurai Walk. The Samurai Walk trains the movement of the hips. Many of Aikido's defense technique require the sturdiness of the hips to accept and flex against an opponent's attack.

-Fall & Roll-

Sensei Desmond is rotund but when he demonstrates the techniques of Defensive Falling & Rolling he really makes it look easy. He does it with such grace and ease that it really boost the confidence of other "XL" members. He fall & roll so graceful; He makes graceful people look not graceful. Bravo to Sensei Desmond!!!

The proper technique of falling and rolling will benefit both the defender and the attacker. It will reduce the effect of impact of a throw or toppling by an Aikido move.

This is mainly to prevent injuries from occurring during an Aikido lesson.

To everyone that wishes to practice the martial art - Aikido, it is very important to be entwined with the basic moves of Aikido and make sure to warm up!!!

-Or else end up like this...-

Sunday, March 9, 2008

2nd Meeting~


Welcome to our 2nd meeting. Here's a little short preview of what we (Swinburne Aikido Club) learn on last Saturday (08.03.2008). There will be picture posted. Pictures definately worth thousand words.

Introducing our Dojo~~

Currently, for this semester (2008) , we're going to learn in the Aikido dojo which is located at Jalan Simpang Tiga, above Guardian, also it's the same row with Dua Puluh Sen Store. By the way, it is also on the way to The Spring Shopping mall. (I'm sure everyone knows the way to the Spring Shopping Mall!!! :P ) Well, before our lessons started, yes, as you can see, Aikido is located at the 3rd floor. So, we go all the way up to the 3rd floor!! -___-" At least, it's better than our swinburne which sometimes when we're late, we go rushing to our lecture class in 8th floor. Phew~

Our dojo is called the Seishinkan Dojo.

It's a nice and comfortable dojo.

As you can see, we're all basically excited and very energetic towards the class. :)

This is our Sensei Reuben (the one in uniform do-gi) teaching us. Actually, we have another Sensei Desmond but, he's not here today.

During the class we practise the technicque after sensei demo for us. We all train in pair.

This is one of the technique of pinning people down to the ground.

For Aikido, "Tori" the one who takes, defender in aikido. As for "uke" is the one receiving, attacker in aikido. So, in this picture, Keith will be the "uke" and Salem will be "Tori".

In Aikido also, we also learn that height and size doesn't matter. (Sorry, no offense here!!!) For example, it's good for girls sometimes too defend themselves from the ones who is taller or bigger size then them. On the other hand, it's good for guys to defend their girl friends from danger. So, the important point is, as long as we practise the correct techinique, we are able to defend ourself from danger.

Both the picture above, we get to learn to pin people down. It's a very important basic. It may look easy, but once being pinned down, you're unable to move no matter how much strength you enforce to get up. If were to force to move around to be released, it may result in a serious arm injuries. ~.~ WARNING: Do not attempt this at home unless you know the correct technique.

So, basically, it's the end of the class already. We all are tired and exhausted but, all the techniques we learnt is very useful toward our future as to defend ourself. We're looking forward towards the next class!!! :) Definately, we all enjoy ourself and make new friends as the class progress on. So, INTERESTED!!??? Come and join us (Swinburne Aikido Club) every Saturday practise at 1pm to 3pm.

*Owh yea, for those who stayed in hostel and worry about the transportation to the dojo. We will provide the transportation to the Dojo. We gather at Swinburne Chilipepers every Saturday(12.00-12.25pm). So, see you!!!

Have a nice day. ~cheers~

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hallo! Welcome to our Swinburne Aikido Club’s Blog! Basically, our club just established last year (2007) and we will update you with more information about what’s Aikido all about! Briefly, Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morehei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Indeed, it involves all of that!!! In Aikido, we will learn how to defend ourselves also while protecting the attacker from injuries. We’re more defensive type of martial art rather than the offensive type of martial arts. You will learn to be more relaxed while performing the martial art than being stress and tension. This will definitely also a good workout for those who are tired from their studies. Let go of tension, relax your mind and have fun! Come and join us at our weekly practice which is on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm starting from 1st March 2008.

~Stay tune for more updates~